Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

We work throughout Australia from big cities to regional areas, anywhere there is a learning experience involving food to be had.
We cover any food based experiences that allows the person attending to walk away with a great understanding of that food, skill or even having gained a skill in that area themselves, you can check out our experience categories for more details.

Where is my Voucher?

You should be sent your voucher and tax receipt to your nominated email address, from there you can print or save them to your computer or device.  If you don't receive an email you can sign in to experiencingfood.com.au and you'll be able to view your voucher under 'My vouchers' within your profile.  From there, you can view and print all of your vouchers.

How do I redeem a voucher?

If your voucher requires you to book in a time to attend the experience, you will need to call the experience provider, discuss a time and book in.  Once you have done this, you simply surrender your voucher (but hang onto your tax invoice of course) when you attend the experience.  The provider does the rest.
If your voucher has a specific time associated with it, you simply surrender your voucher (but hang onto your tax invoice) when you attend the experience.  The provider does the rest.

What if I can't make the experience at a specific time?

Each of the vouchers list some contact details for the provider, contact the provider to let them know you can't make it at that time and they will discuss whether they can accomodate your request for a time change.
If no alternate time can be arranged please contact us via our contact details on the website and we will arrange a refund

What do I do if I cannot contact the provider?

If you can't get in contact with the provider please let us know, by letting us know we can try to contact them on your behalf and if all else fails we can arrange a refund.  The best way to get in contact with us is by using the contact details on our contact us page. 

What's involved in a review?

It would be great if you can review any experience you embark on, its a simple process that allows you to mark the experience in four categories fun, food, learning, and value.  You simply click how many stars the experience was within each of these parameters and then add a comment (as detailed or general as you like) then save your review, its that simple.
Reviews give other experiencing food users a heads up as to whether the experience is what they are looking for.