Wine Appreciation Class

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Trying to find a perfect class where you can learn a real understanding of wines? Upper Reach just got an experience perfect for you!

The perfect way to get a real understanding of wine and wine styles. Taste like a pro at the end of the class and have all your questions answered, this class will also bust all wine myths you've known! 

This class can be paired with a breakfast or lunch but amazing all on it's own as well. 

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What will you learn?

  • Understand the basics of wine tasting and taste like a pro after the class
  • Be the winemaker, create a wine, balancing the sweetness and acid
  • Experience how oak barrels change wines
  • Appreciate how wines age and when best to drink them
  • A formal seated tasting experience, in the working winery surrounded by barrels
  • Taste our wines to practice your new wine appreciation skills

What do you need to know?


Class | $65pp
Breakfast & Class | $85pp
Lunch & Class | $115pp