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Explore the world’s best small bar scene and meet the makers of some of the city’s best drinks.

Melbourne is renowned for its fiercely competitive small bar scene. Bars that are all the rage one day will be out of fashion by the next.

Let a local bar expert introduce you to the unique talents working in Melbourne’s hospo scene as you explore tucked away laneways, hidden hallways, and climb rickety staircases to explore the rip-roaring speakeasy scene of this incredible city.

Our team of guides have given thousands of tours to guests, all while keeping up an excellent review-rate (just search us on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, or any other social media site).

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  • Half day

Why will you love it?

  • You'll get a good cross section of experiences at watering holes in Melbourne
  • A good opportunity to see the sights of Melbourne

What will you learn?

  • Where to drink
  • What a variety of Melbourne establishments are like

What will you get?

  • Try local beers, wines, and cocktails at four unique Melbourne establishments
  • Discover hidden bars known only to local Melburnians

What do you need to know?

  • Contact the provider to book in.
  • Tour only available for over 18 years.