The Jam Factory Tasting Room

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The Jam Factory Tasting Room or the "Cellar Door for Preserves" is open everyday at 9 - 4 pm for tastings!

What are you waiting for? Head out to Long Track Pantry's Jam Tasting Room to grab a chance to get a take away coffee and taste jams - makes about 28 flavors!

Guests are welcome to taste every single product available from chutneys, relish, cordial, pate, granola, marmalade, jam, olives, honey, muesli to bbq sauce and the list just does not stop there. The tasting room is located just 5 minutes away from the Long Track Pantry and you can always check out the pretty boutiques nearby afterward.

Tasting in Jam Factory Tasting Room means basically taste everything! 

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Open daily including Tuesdays 9-4pm.