Tastings at Moorilla

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Have you tasted Art? 

At Moorilla, the wines tasted just like that. Art.

Arty-ish or not, enjoy these world-class wines at the Moorilla's Cellar Door. Feast your artistic side with art all around, including the wines! 

"Old world, new world. Drink our art."

I bought Moorilla on a whim, but that whim has come to define me. I didn’t buy it for the wine, I was more interested in the Roy Grounds house that is now the Mona entrance—I was seeking an art warehouse. I later found that in a big way, but early on I became enamoured of the wine making (actually wine consuming) lifestyle. Buying Moorilla was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I think that would be true even if Mona had not arisen there. I was raised just up the road from Moorilla, and as child I would walk past often. I knew it was open to the public but, despite my curiosity about the rich folk within, I never passed through its portal, for this tree-lined haven, this paradise of boundless verdancy, this temple to modernist architecture, this beacon was beckoning others, not one such as me.

- David Walsh

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  • Availability: Thursday–Monday, 12pm–5pm
  • Venue: Ether Building
  • Tickets are required to enter the museum