Soy 2 ways - natto and tofu

The taste of fresh tofu is very special - like many things - fresh is best and incomparable to bought stuff.  We'll start with that - hands on making and forming and end talking and tasting Natto. Wooden tofu molds available for purchase on the day. Tofu making kits/natto spores and your own pot of natto to take home. x
We produce authentic, slow fermented vegetables, kefirs and the know-how for those who'd rather make their own. There are many amazing, very real nutritional and health benefits of eating fermented foods but our focus is on flavour. We want to make real, slow food SO delicious that people everywhere will be able to access this or make it themselves and want to eat it every day.
We also love to teach about what we do and envision crocks and jars of ferments in home kitchens around Australia and helping people eat a little something fermented a few times every day; giving people the confidence to rely on common sense in the kitchen again, and to no longer be afraid of healthy, helpful yeasts and bacteria in foods.

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  • Classes
  • Medium
  • Half day

Why will you love it?

  • Taste the freshness
  • Enjoy the knowledge

What will you learn?

  • How to make and form tofu 
  • All about natto

What will you get?

  • Fresh tofu to taste
  • Knowledge and skills to make tofu
  • Taste and knowledge of natto

What do you need to know?

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