Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy Tours

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Provides an overview of how robotic farming works and why it is deemed to be so much better for the cows and produced milk. 

The group will be led through the different stages of milking, introduction to machine milking in 1940s and the current high tech LELY Robotic milking system.

Open for group and school group tours as well as small group tours. 

It was known before as Dennis Family's farm and converted to Robotic Dairy in 2010.  The story started in 1930 with grandparents Hal and Rita Dennis starting the farm. 

In 2013 the family has braved the market and started bottling their own milk. From farm gate fresh, pasteurized only, and full cream milk. 

The main aim is to provide the freshest, highest quality milk for you and I!

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Why will you love it?

It provides an authentic and exciting experience of a Dairy Farm, being one of the longest-running dairy farms in the area. The kids also love the fact that the cows are being milked by robots!

What will you learn?

  • Care for cows, from what they eat to their regular health checks
  • How to look after the fields they graze on
  • How milk used to be produced and distributed by horse and cart!
  • How the LELY robotic milking system works
  • How often the cows are milked and the fact the cows choose when they are milked – 24/7
  • What happens to the milk afterward – from pasteurization, bottling to distribution to stores
  • Why do cows love a scratch so much!

What do you need to know?

Dairy Tours are by appointment only.