Polar Bear Cookies - Kids' Baking Class

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Baking made easy and fun!

Let your children experience different textures while baking, this will help children understand and store information about the surroundings in their world.  Baking will stimulate the child's senses of sight, taste, smell and texture. It will help develop their fine-motor coordination as they mix, sift, roll dough, cut out cookies and decorate.

Your child will learn basic cooking techniques and terminology used in the kitchen. It reinforces counting, measuring and weighing. It will develop their language as we speak about colours, flavours etc.

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What will you learn?

- Bake and make Polar Bear Cookies

What do you need to know?

-Date: 04 Jul 19 
-Time: 2:00pm
-Age Group: 2-14 years
- Group booking and school incursions are welcome, please contact me for a suitable day and time.
- All ingredients are supplied. Children will be provided with aprons and bakers' hats to wear during the lesson. Ages 2-15 years are welcome. Children are generally grouped according to their ages for classes.
- For classes, if you cancel within less than 2 working days , 50% of the money will be refunded to you. Within 2 working days or no show -no refund.