North Indian Indulgence Cooking Class

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Aromatic dishes influenced by Mughals and Muslims. These rulers and citizens influenced flavours of elegant Northern Indian dishes centuries ago.

Spices are used with care to enhance and compliment. This range of dishes have colour, with delicate flavour and aroma.

Flatbreads flipped on griddles, poultry pulled from smoky tandoor ovens, nuts, yoghurt and vegetables abound in this cuisine. More substantial dishes combine with popular North Indian snacks in this class.

We have designed a menu fit for a king.

In every class, our talented team are committed to ensuring you learn, and are inspired by, their teaching. We are qualified chefs and love what we do. Meet our bunch (of friendly coconuts) below.

Success in the kitchen is a wonderful thing. Bridging the gap between knowledge and wisdom is a key to achievement.

We will teach you this art so you finally have the skills, know-how and recipes to cook with conviction. It becomes easy and pleasurable. You’ll be able to successfully prepare and enjoy fresh and exciting meals at home whenever your heart desires.

At Matters of Taste, we specialise in teaching people the skills to cook beautiful fresh food at home every day.

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  • Medium
  • Half day

Why will you love it?

A delicious collection of dishes just for you!
A taste of the exotic....

What will you learn?

  • Golden Samosas, Pea, Potato, Tomato Kasaundi
  • Pistachio Chicken Korma
  • Biryani Sela Basmati Rice
  • Paneer and Vegetable Jalfrezi
  • Indian ‘Grocer’ Flaky Parathas
  • Mango Lassi Soft Serve

What will you get?

  • Everything you'll need to participate in the class
  • Experience and skills in making these great dishes
  • A feast at the end of the class

What do you need to know?

Please bring your appetite!!