Longley Organic Farm Tours and Workshops

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Longley Organic Farm aims to teach and work with you through hands-on workshops and tours to natural learning with its farm.

Custom Tours and Workshops offer tailor-made and specific demos of techniques and systems that the farm uses. You can choose a topic, tour or workshop that best suits your needs or liking. 

Topics include:

  • Food production
  • Worm Farming
  • Herb Drying
  • Seeding and Seeders
  • Weed Management
  • Permabedding
  • Packaging Ideas 
  • Farm Design
  • (non-food) Irrigation
  • (non-food) Fencing
  • (non-food) Tractor Walking and attachments
  • and more
These can be arranged by appointment, for 1-6 people, one person $80, two people $50 each, three or more $30 each based on a one-hour workshop.
We love bringing people from all over the planet together on the farm, working with and teaching them through a hands on approach to natural learning with this land. We sell food directly from our Farmgate honesty shop also through local retailers and veggie box programs, providing affordable organic food at a local level.

We value sharing knowledge and skills for sustainable food production, and have a growing variety of ethically sourced regenerative inputs and commercial micro-farming equipment now available for both the home grower or professional market gardener both linked on this website and directly through our ecommerce shop ActiveVista.com.au

- Longley Organic Farm

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  • one person $80
  • two people $50 each
  • three or more $30 each based on a one hour workshop (Tour is for a max of 6 people)