Italian Obsession Cooking Class

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Immerse yourself in the passion of Italian cooking in this class full of rich tradition. Learn the three ultimate culinary classics of Pasta, Pizza and Gnocchi to experience what real Italians eat! Buonissimo.

Mix the semolina flour, eggs and salt, knead the dough until it is silky smooth, roll through the machine and fill paper-thin dough with a delicious fresh mixture to create delicate ravioli pasta pillows.

Hand-formed pizza fresh from the oven is loved by everyone. The dough base can be crisp and thin or thick and bread-like. You will have a choice as we’ll reveal the intricacies of this yeast based food so you know exactly how to create your favourite style.

Light potato gnocchi shapes are great fun as well as rewarding to make. Commercially made gnocchi don’t even come close to the soft texture and fresh flavour achieved when handcrafted with our guidance and teaching.

In every class, our talented team are committed to ensuring you learn, and are inspired by, their teaching. We are qualified chefs and love what we do. Meet our bunch (of friendly coconuts) below.

Success in the kitchen is a wonderful thing. Bridging the gap between knowledge and wisdom is a key to achievement.

We will teach you this art so you finally have the skills, know-how and recipes to cook with conviction. It becomes easy and pleasurable. You’ll be able to successfully prepare and enjoy fresh and exciting meals at home whenever your heart desires.

At Matters of Taste, we specialise in teaching people the skills to cook beautiful fresh food at home every day.

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Why will you love it?

Italian Food and an opportunity to learn how to make it......... need we say more?!

What will you learn?

  • Make Fresh Pasta Dough
  • Ravioli of Spinach, Fresh Ricotta, Tomato Sauce
  • Make Silky Potato Gnocchi
  • Potato Gnocchi, Brown Butter, Crisp Sage, Toasted Hazelnuts
  • Make Fresh Pizza Dough
  • Baby Bocconcini Margherita Pizza, Prosciutto, Rocket

What will you get?

Everything you need to participate in this class
A good understanding and the skills to produce an Italian Feast
A meal to enjoy the spoils of your hard work

What do you need to know?

Please come with a healthy appetite