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Greek Food Cooking Class Melbourne

Join Kelly from The Hellenic Odyssey, a Greek home cook with a proud heritage, as we come together to create a generous spread of food and to learn about the Mediterranean diet, its origins and its benefits.

You will learn how to prepare traditional authentic dishes that you won’t commonly find in a Greek restaurant. Instead, it is food that you would expect to eat in the kitchen of a Greek family home.

The Mediterranean Diet is actually a dietary pattern modelled on the eating habits of the Cretans in the 1950s. Nowadays, it is the most comprehensibly researched diet in the world with evidence showing that it is incredibly beneficial for physical & mental health.

The Mediterranean Diet follows 10 basic rules of eating. It not only looks at what we eat but how we eat. It rests on the premise that the very basic act of eating brings people together, it creates a sense of community, it allows for discussion time and it provides enjoyment through the sense of taste. Hence, food forms an important part of the human experience. Food makes us feel, it evokes emotion and memories.

We will put into practice the key element of the diet which looks into how we eat. As the Mediterranean diet places a lot of focus on the role of food within the home environment, we will prepare all the meals together and sit down on the table to enjoy eating together.

We are a small group food and travel tour operator looking to service food enthusiasts. Our aim is to provide cultural and culinary food and tour experiences based on authenticity and connection for everyone. We provide bespoke culinary experiences Melbourne, Greek Culinary Walking Tours , cooking classes & food retreats to suit individuals or groups. We also provide Greek Island group travel tours for those seeking to visit Greece. Contact us for more information on upcoming events and tours.

“A project created from the heart, driven by a passion for food and inspired by a love for travel”

With a proud Greek heritage, we are driven by philotimo (a Greek word translating to “filos” meaning friend and “timi” meaning honour). For us, it simply means to do the right thing and to give to others.

As the Greek food and cooking experts, our aim is to expose you to Greek food through our in person Melbourne cooking classes, global online cooking classes, food tours and special culinary events.

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Why will you love it?

Opportunity to connect with like minded people who share the love of food!

What will you learn?

Learn about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet

What will you get?

  • Fresh and authentic ingredients supplied by us
  • Hands-on experience and valuable insights into Greek cuisine from a passionate home cook
  • A mouth-watering experience of Mediterranean diet and lifestyle through delicious food 
  • Recipe book so that you can prepare these dishes yourself

What do you need to know?

Minimum booking of 4 required

If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact us. We may be able to adjust some of the recipes and food to accommodate your needs.

If you are participating in an interactive cooking event, you must wear covered shoes at all times when in the kitchen.

If you cancel a confirmed booking, we are unable to refund your payment. You can transfer the booking to another person or class.

Should exceptional or extenuating circumstances arise, we reserve the right to change the booking date or cancel it. In the event of either of these, we will either provide an alternative date or a full refund.