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There is so many great food experiences within our shores and abroad.....

Here's your chance to experience them with a bunch of like minded foodies.
An opportunity to learn the ins and outs of food production while enjoying the sights, smells and excitement of travelling through some amazing food and drink experiences.....

For those of you who have joined us on a food tour, we get to know you very well. And you seriously love your food. Not just the eating part, but the whole story. From the people who grow it, to the planet they’re passionate about preserving. So, where there’s an opportunity to have a food adventure without barriers (and with people who care about food like you do) you take it.
So, now a bit about us. We’re the team (or the family) behind Matters of Taste. And, when you’ve been working with food for as long as we have, something you realise is that there’s always a deeper love of food to discover. For us, taste matters but our impact matters too. This is where the growers come into it. We’re constantly in awe of local farmers and the WA land they work with. That’s why part of our work is to tell their stories  and show you the regenerative work they’re doing to sustain our planet

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Why will you love it?

You’ll soon be enjoying the social aspect of this style of eating, which is as important as the food on offer.

What will you learn?

  • There is a variety of tours changing all the time
  • Keep looking to see what we have coming up and get excited

What will you get?

Depending on the tour, you will get all sorts of fabulous inclusions.
Keep an eye on the itinerary for each tour and get excited

What do you need to know?

Please follow the link and look at each of the tours for more information