Fly Fishing Workshop

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Experienced fisher and wanted to catch some new tips? Or an amateur wanting to learn the ropes? 

Trout Territory | Fish Wild Tasmania offers Basic and Extended Workshops for everyone! 

Basic Workshop runs for 4 hours, usually starting at 10:30 AM, the workshops targets to teach casting and line control skills and an understanding of fly fishing. Topics will also include trout behavior and habitats. This specific workshop will just teach you the ropes, there is no allotted time to catch fish.

Extended Workshop is Basic Workshop PLUS a 2-hour opportunity and time for you to put all that you have learned into action - yes, you'll be fly fishing and catching fish! 

Workshop locations vary.
We provide an all inclusive guide service from Launceston, Hobart, and Central Highlands, and also provide a guide service for the Central Highlands Lodge in Miena.

- Trout Territory | Fish Wild Tasmania

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Why will you love it?

You will learn a new skill. 

You will love connecting with the environment, as fly fishing is very much a "be in the moment" activity.

A fly fisher focuses on what the clouds are doing, the breeze, what insects are about and what they are doing, figuring out where the fish lie in wait for the perfect insect to chomp down on, selecting the appropriate fly, making their cast so it presents beautifully on the water to fool the hungry trout, making the fly behave on the water as an insect would, and then keeping the whole thing together when a fish eats their fly!

There's a lot going on and we will help you get started with the basics. If you've got skills already, we can help you to hone your technique.

What will you learn?

  • Fly fishing (how-to, habitats)
  • Understanding of fly fishing

What will you get?

  • Fishing license (FOR Extended Workshop ONLY)

What do you need to know?

  • Cost: 
- Basic Workshop - $200.00 per person (minimum price is $1,000.00 if there are less than 5 participants).   
- Extended Workshop - $300 per person (plus a fishing licence, start at $23.00 for a 48 hour licence, $12.00 if aged 14 – 17 years, and under 14 does not require a licence)

  • To confirm tour booking we require a 20% deposit.