Fair Harvest cooking class with Jodie

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The Fair Harvest cook, Jodie, is passionate and amazing at creating meals out of seasonal produce grown in the farms and gardens. 

Join her for half a day in the kitchen and learn menu options made from homegrown and seasonal produce, which could be lunch meals or evening meals. 

You'll get the chance to harvest and create a small feast with Jodie's specialty. 
“We love sharing food with friends and family; there is nothing better than sitting around a table for a humble, home grown feast. We are also aware of the urgency with which we need to be growing food in every available space. We need to do this for the planet and for the expanding population. So while growing food is our love and our life it is also a conscious choice of ‘what we can do’ for the future.”

Jodie and Do

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  • Minimum 6 people