Early Bird Morning Tea

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Do you love mornings? And tea? Why not add in a Glow Worm Tour as well? 

Sounds almost paradise, isn't it? Cedar Creek Estate offers an Early Bird Morning Tea PLUS Glow Worm Tour from 10 am to 11 am with 10 guest at minimum.  Enjoy delish scones with jam and fresh cream with freshly brewed tea and coffee. 

This savory morning tea is followed by a Glow Worm Tour. Glow Worms are larvae of a small fly, they glow at their larvae stage. 

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Why will you love it?

A scenic backdrop with freshly brewed tea and coffee and savory scones. And that's not all, you also get to see glow worms!

What do you need to know?

$17/child (4 - 12 yr inclusive)