Dairy Farm Tour

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Enjoy a dairy farm and factory tour and learn all about cows and process of milk from the cow to the bottle.

The tour runs for roughly 1.5 hours. It begins up at the Milkbar where a tour guide will take you to see a short film about how the farm began in 1948. From here it’s down to the factory to see how we process and package our products. Then it’s up to meet our tour cow for a hand milking demonstration and a chance to taste the milk straight from the udder. You will then get to bottle feed our calves in the baby pen before heading up to the dairy to see where the herd gets milked. The tour finishes with a taste testing of all our products!

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What will you learn?

-process of milk from the cow to the bottle and everything in between
-process and packaging of the farm/factory products
-hand milking demonstration with cows
-bottle feed the farm calves in the baby pen