Cool-climate Wines of Tasmania Tasting

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Enjoy an exclusive Tasmanian Wine Tasting at Gasworks!

Tasmanian boasts about its cool-climate wines, each has unique characteristics and tastes. 

Your experienced guide will introduce each wine in detail while talking about the region, the climate, and the winemaking techniques.

To taste your way around the Cellar Door, you purchase a tasting card for $10.

There are three cards:

12 wines (20ml each)
6 wines (40ml each) 
3 wines (80ml each)

The 12-wine card gives you a wide range of wines to select from; while the 3-wines card lets you savour a trio of your choice.

The tastings add up to a total of three standard drinks - you can spit of course, but with most of these premium wines, you won't want to!

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Why will you love it?

  • A range of cool-climate wines is always available to choose from
  • An experienced guide will lead the tasting
  • 1850s vibes at the Cellar Door