Bhavana Organic Farm Cooking School

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Love cooking? In Bhavana Cooking School it is not just cooking...

It is cooking consciously, it is education to enhance your well-being and the way you prepare food. It is cooking and knowing that health comes first but still applies traditional methods combined with modern ways of cooking. It is cooking and learning how to become your own health advocate, it is delighting your taste buds and being healthy. It is learning your own nutritional needs and diet as well as allergies and still enjoying a variety of meals to maximise your vitality. It is enjoying the full culinary experience. 

All courses offered will have you the opportunity to forage ingredients in Bhavana's own organic gardens. Anything that cannot be gathered on the farm is sourced from local producers in Byron. 

Once meals are prepared, the group can enjoy their own masterpieces in a sit-down lunch matched with selected biodynamic and organic wines to match.

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Why will you love it?

  • A range of courses selection available to choose from
  • Most of or all ingredients are sourced on the organic farm
  • Courses are to teach you how to prepare food the healthy way