Asian Street Food Cooking Class

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This is THE most exciting way to eat right now!

From golden Indian street snacks that pop-in-your-mouth, to Malaysian desserts that will keep your sweet-meter happy. Discover a delicious array of incredible flavours and textures.

This food is really fun. It can be presented as impressive snacks when entertaining or served individually for more casual style meals.

In every class, our talented team are committed to ensuring you learn, and are inspired by, their teaching. We are qualified chefs and love what we do. Meet our bunch (of friendly coconuts) below.

Success in the kitchen is a wonderful thing. Bridging the gap between knowledge and wisdom is a key to achievement.

We will teach you this art so you finally have the skills, know-how and recipes to cook with conviction. It becomes easy and pleasurable. You’ll be able to successfully prepare and enjoy fresh and exciting meals at home whenever your heart desires.

At Matters of Taste, we specialise in teaching people the skills to cook beautiful fresh food at home every day.

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  • Asian
  • Medium
  • Half day

Why will you love it?

What fun meals and snacks you'll be able to create for your guests or simply for yourself

What will you learn?

  • Panch Phora Vegetable Pakoras with Kasaundi Yoghurt
  • Authentic Malaysian Chicken Satay with Ketupat Rice Cakes, Peanut Sauce, Cucumber and Onion
  • ‘Crowd Pleaser’ Special Pork San Choy Bau
  • Ketayap Pandan and Coconut Caramel Pancakes

What will you get?

  • Everything you need to participate in the class
  • Skills that you will be able to use over and over again
  • A feast to end the class

  • What do you need to know?

    Allergens present in class: dairy| peanuts| fish| egg| sesame| soy| gluten