The Top Five Joys of Learning with Friends

Why is is so much more fun to learn with a friend?  Is it shared experiences that allow us to bond better?  Is it that we remember the experience or the thing we are learning more when we share a laugh or stories of the experience with others?

There certainly is benefits to learning with friends here are 5 reasons its great to join a mate to attend an experience.

1. Experiencing something with a friend, then becomes part of the stories you tell each other and possibly laugh about when you get together

2. When learning a skill together it allows you more interaction with that friend as time goes by as you talk and refine those skills further.

3. Learning a skill together allows you to share the load and collectively remember more of the skill elements

4. Being together in a collective experience and being able to laugh at one’s self with a friend allows you to form closer bonds with the person

5. With a wingman most people find it more comforting to meet new people in the class you find yourself in or more confidence to clarify more details when refining the skill you are learning

All in all, you come out richer for the experience and you share fonder memories.  So grab a friend and explore what experiences you might undertake together.