Taste of Asia in Queensland!

Novice or expert, Ben and Rachael can certainly add in a thing or two or more to your cooking knowledge!

Oaks Kitchen and Garden truly lived up to its name, brown oak chairs and tables and array of green trees and plants in the garden is what will welcome you plus a complimentary drink as you take in their amazing grounds. Their own produce will also be the ingredients that you’ll use to creating your Asian masterpiece. You probably will enjoy picking fresh papaya and herbs in the garden!

The recipes are easy to follow, Ben and Rachel are very attentive to your needs and are open to questions, they encourage questions so do not be shy to raise your hand and ask away. The set up is relaxing and lovely. If South East Asian cuisine is unfamiliar to you, this class is perfect for you. From soups, curries, salads, rice and main course, you will certainly feel like eating in Korea, Japan or China. Not only does it acquaint you to terms and produce used for this regional cuisine, the class will also have you tasting all the delicious food that you’ve created, and you get to meet new cooking friends too!

They do have a variety of classes regularly to choose from, their recipes change depending on the season and available produce.

The experience is awesome, the food is exemplary, and the company is fabulous! Local or visiting, this one is a must try!

Check it out here: https://experiencingfood.com.au/experience/south-east-asian-cooking-classes/499