Our 5 Picks Of Amazing Food Experiences In Australia for You

There are no bad food experiences in Australia, there are good, the better and Amazing Food Experiences In Australia!


From Peter Gilmore's tasting menu at Sydney's Quay to Haigh's Factory (Australia's oldest family-owned chocolate maker's home), we are bringing to you the 5 food experiences you must have in Australia.


Back to Basics

And, we literally mean for you to go back to basics for food experiences at Rodney Dunn's Agrarian Kitchen, which is set up in a 19th-century schoolhouse. You will be getting vegetables from the garden, learn how to make pasta or bread, be milking the goats is another activity you can enjoy.


Switch off and Escape

Standing knee-deep in the firth having fresh waters, viewing breathtaking sceneries in a boat ride, exploring white beaches, taking a food experiences tour of the local herb garden and dining in one of the finest diners all of this at Saffire Freycinet.


Adventure Cruise

Go on an adventure cruise with discerning travelers and after the long day of adventure cruising, you can be to be served by the boat's amazing chefs. It's a paradise for people who love fun, food, and adventure together.


South Australia's First Farmers Market

Willunga Farmers Market is for the visitors and the community. Buy local produce, fresh produce, and seasonal produce from the McLaren Vale region. The region has more than 80 farmers and artisans food growers who sell their fresh growth every Saturday from 8 am to 12:30 pm.


Live the Barossa Life

The place and its people are famous for their love of a shared table, generous hospitality, and passion for local wine and food. Market, music, celebrations, festivals, the regular life in Barossa is a great pleasure in itself.

What's your favourite food adventure?