Melbourne Foodie Culture

Although the first restaurants opened in Melbourne in the 1850s, there have been many different influences on what is now the Melbourne foodie culture. From the initial cheap restaurants that filled a need to feed the masses that came for the gold rush, through to the various different price points and cuisine types that fill the restaurant bill in any number of Melbourne’s suburbs, Melbourne’s foodie culture continues to grow and change. For more information on the changes that have occurred in Melbourne’s history with regards to restaurants and eating out see, Rita Erlich’s article on eMelbourne which can be found at this link ( .


There is many a restaurant available and many a cuisine covered but as the foodie culture continues to evolve, and with the rising in popularity of the cooking TV show that gives people an insight into the skills and methods required to produce quality food and possibly sheads light on the mystery of making some more specialty items, the advent of the cooking school is building to epic proportions.


There is many an opportunity to learn a new cooking skill whether it is cooking within a particular cultural genre or to make a type of food that transcends culture such as cheese or small goods, Melbourne certainly has a number of options to choose from.


With most people having watched a TV celebrity chef or two in their time, used a recipes published on a website or blog these cooking skill building classes or lessons need to be authentic and inventive as the average consumer is not completely unfamiliar with a kitchen. Having said that, there is also a bunch of opportunities to learn a skill from the beginning or attend a class for beginners.


As Melbourne locals and visitors alike get more and more accustomed to a certain food and drink quality it means that the restaurant, café and commercial food outlet need to become more savvy. It is also likely that the average person eating out or learning a new skill in Melbourne, may well have travelled abroad and experienced the food culture there.  With that in mind, they may be hoping to sample a little of that culture back home.


There has been some research recently that suggested that we tend to want more tastes of home when we travel abroad but when we are in our home country, state or even town we are keen to be adventurous with our food choices.  Melbourne certainly caters for that.