Everyday I'm Trufflin'

As the sun sets on a beautiful autumn Canberra afternoon, our tour of the picturesque The Truffle Farm premises also draws to a close. The afternoon’s adventure through The Truffle Farm’s tranquil surroundings has made us a little more learned on all thing truffles.


Jayson and his buddy, Dingo, have excelled at describing the adventure that has been truffle farming for them, and the ins and outs of truffles in Australia.


On the farm, three types of tree facilitate the growing of these fabulous delicacies. The Truffle Farm is home to English Oak, Hazelnut and an evergreen oak, each of these are home to the French black truffle. Jayson described how to spot what tree has truffle beneath it, what to look for when a truffle is ready and the commands that the dogs follow to hunt out the truffle that is just right for harvest . The intelligence of these pups is astounding and just how distinguishing their noses are at sniffing out a truffle really blows your mind.


On a truffle tour at The Truffle Farm, you get to learn all about truffle farming, the privilege of digging up a truffle yourself and learning how to grade a truffle. Not only that, you get to taste a truffle in the beautiful surroundings. It might be a little cool outside, but their warm cosy truffle shed is just the ticket after the hunt, to learn what’s involved in preparing a truffle for market and for some tastings.


Jayson’s knowledge and passion for the truffle and growing the best truffles is obvious and his desire to pass on that knowledge and passion is really exciting.

His dogs are super-cute too and so excited to dive into life. Jayson’s ability to encourage his dogs to hone their skills in finding the truffle at the perfect time is a testament to his great skills as a dog trainer in addition to his passion for truffles.


We met the lively, Dingo, who just couldn’t get enough of being in amongst the trees and was so excited to be with Jayson in the great outdoors. I’m told that the truffle hunt also comes with a little of a hug from his pups too so an excellent addition to the hunt I must say.


Truffles are becoming more known and Jayson is constantly adding to his repertoire of truffle products so the options for truffle tasting at the end of your tour are becoming more extensive and are always guaranteed to impress.


With many more dreams for his piece of tranquil beauty, which is The Truffle Farm, we can’t wait to see what Jayson has planned in the future.


Truffles are becoming so popular that we at experiencing food feel incredibly privileged to have attended the afternoon with Jayson and Dingo and will definitely be back for another hunt soon.


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