Collect Moments Not Things.....

We all have some memories that we hold on to and smile when remembering. Most of these don’t involve things that we acquire but rather activities or moments where something changed in us, we learnt a new skill, we conquered a fear, we reached a milestone or felt like we had shared a moment with people dear to us.


It seems that our own experiences drive our fondest memories. They probably drive our love of life or other people too. We’re not just dreaming this, there is now some scientific evidence that we are happier when we collect moments rather than things.


For most of us money is a finite entity, but once we have enough to fulfil our basic needs, the way we spend our money can either make us more happy or a little more apprehensive.


It goes without saying that most of us think that buying something that will make us happy, will make us happy. And maybe it will but only for a short time, then we will adapt to it, according to researchers and we will end up back where we began. On the contrary, money spent on experiences seemed to leave people more content and even happier as time went by.