A Taste of Morocco in the Valley….

A Taste of Morocco in the Valley….


I’d always wanted to do a Moroccan Cooking Class. The cuisine had always interested me, and the use of spices fascinated me. Myself and a friend had the privilege of attending a Moroccan cooking class at Flavours of the Valley in Kangaroo Valley,New South Wales.


The cooking class was for 4 hours and it didn’t disappoint. In was an intimate group and Toni and Brayden did a fabulous job of keeping us on task and demonstrating skills that we were encouraged to learn.


Both Toni and Brayden we obviously accustomed to leading cooking classes as they kept us all engaged and we all got to enjoy an amazing feast at the end.


Myself and my friend were in charge of the meze platters to start off the feast. There was labneh, parsley, feta and pine nut pesto, roasted beetroot dip and flat breads done two ways. A quick lesson in presentation from Toni and all of a sudden, we looked like we knew what we were doing!


The second course consisted of felafels and poached pear fattoush, and, I would have to say they were the best felafels I’ve tasted. Brayden taught us an easy way to get all the pomegranate seeds out of the pomegranate in a flash which, was truly so simple it was almost too good to be true.


A chicken tagine was next, and I’d always wanted to learn how to set up a tagine and this cooking class taught me just that. On top of my new knowledge, the taste was divine and the presentation fantastic.  It was served with a lemon saffron pearl couscous which was an amazing complement to the traditional Moroccan dish.


To top it off was the dessert. Our fellow cooking class attendees did an amazing job of preparing an cardamom and pistachio icecream that accompanied m’hanncha, a traditional dessert which resembled baklava but with almonds and less of the sugar syrup. A truly delightful way to conclude our cooking class.


We paired up during the cooking class to work on each of the courses allowing us all to dine together at the end. Throughout the class we were encouraged to move around the room and see what each couple were working on and to learn the skills to take home with us.


A great time was had by all and the Moroccan cooking class was an absolute hit. Flavours of the Valley should be incredibly proud of their cooking school in the beautiful surrounds of Kangaroo Valley and thanks so much Toni and Brayden for such a great cooking class.