A Day of Food, Fun and Adventure

There are a lot of places to go, things to see and food to taste in Cairns and the surrounding region so it is a tough to decision on where to go and where to eat to taste what the Region can offer. Fortunately, there is Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventure Tour from Port Douglas– hold on to your seats because this is one for the book!

The tour will kick off with a very refreshing and delicious breakfast at Aboriginal Cultural Park then on to a Coffee Plantation where everybody enjoyed a cup (they serve tea, too!). Sitting on a bus can be very boring I tell you, but your guide is such an amazing host, not only the day tour was carefully planned out, but they also have a lot of things to share to the group – their stories will make you feel like a local!

Lunch is at a private restaurant that boasts QLD’s local produce, from salad, soup, quiche, meatballs, cheese and fruit trays and finishes with a glass of luscious wine or a beer. Tasting of other spirits is also available. Be sure to just sip a little if you are a lightweight!

After lunch the tour heads to a dairy farm, your guide is sure delighted to share stories and interesting insights while the bus rolls down through a historical town to green and greener hills – just beautiful. The dairy farm offers cheese and chocolate tastings! Yes, pigging out is allowed! Did you know that they have an animal nursery as well? They have baby animals that young ones would love to feed.

Next stop is “The Humpy” where everything is fresh! For sale are freshly harvested nuts, fruits, local produced jams and jellies. This is the perfect place to take home some of their tasty produce, not obligatory of course.

Mango Wine tasting comes in next at a Mango Farm and ends with a mango sherbet, this is going to be a pleasant surprise for everybody.

The adventure ends with Platypus viewing, they are known to be shy and elusive and consider yourself lucky to spot one!

Brett’s Outback Tours is a Trip Adviser Hall of Famer, getting 5 star ratings the last 5 years straight. The tour is a day well spent, going home with tummies full, satisfied palates, new friends (tour consists of a small group of 12) and a head full of new interesting knowledge of Cairns. Oh, and they arrange tours from Cairns, too!