5 Food Experiences that will Give You a Real Taste of Australia


Australia is home to a large array of fabulous restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars. There are countless unique places to enjoy a variety of food, best cuisines, and culinary traditions. From incredible food experiences to well-organized events, this place has a lot to offer to food lovers. Additionally, superb markets, food shops, talented chefs, and much more make this country popular food spot.


Have a real taste of Australia through these food experiences:


Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey


Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey is an amazing experience for the beer lovers. This private tour includes fantastic venues, food and complimentary drinks to enjoy. Additionally, it introduces visitors to innovative urban breweries and cider bars.


Brett's Outback Tasting Adventures


Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures is another fantastic wine tasting and one of the best food tours. In this foodie tour, you will enjoy the taste of wines, coffee, chocolates along with learning all about the food you try, it will give you a glimpse of the best of North Queensland too.


Tasmania Food Tour 2018


Tasmania Food Tour is the tour invites you to explore all of the best cafes, beaches and  wineries Tassie has to offer. Experience with the best, of the best and don’t leave without experiencing the best… It offers a unique food adventure in the picturesque backdrop of tastmania, tasty food and a touch of live music to sample along the way.


Exotic Moroccan Flavours


Exotic Moroccan Flavours gives you a taste what this unique cuisine is known for. Characterized by subtle scents, delicate flavors, and elegant presentation these cooking classes won’t leave you disappointed. They allows you to enjoy the delights of Morocco with dishes like tagine, mezze and a range of other traditional dishes.


Orient Express Cooking Class


In the cooking class, one has a great opportunity to learn to make a variety of Chinese dishes. It also offers amazing food experiences and face-to-face lessons in making chicken and corn soup, sweet and sour pork, and special fried rice. You won’t leave hungry…